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Rum Cake

This post may contain affiliate links. I may earn a small commission on any purchases made via these links at no additional cost to you. You can read my full disclaimer here. I’m obsessed with Tortuga Rum cakes. This Caribbean style sponge cake is made by the Tortuga Rum Company is commonly sold in cute … Continue reading Rum Cake

Yorkshire Pudding

When it comes to British cuisine I always look forward to a roast dinner. As per tradition this was previously reserved to Sundays in our household. However, since covid-19 happened and we are now at home during the week, a mid-week roast is now our thing. And a traditional English roast would not be complete … Continue reading Yorkshire Pudding

Mango Lassi

When I eat out at Indian restaurants a mango lassi is a must. This two step recipe produces a thick and creamy mango drink. It makes a great alternative to a smoothie. It’s so rich and filling that sometimes I even have it instead of dessert. Mango Lassi Recipe Serves: 2Preparation Time: 5 minutes INGREDIENTS … Continue reading Mango Lassi

Pistchoccio Fudge (Chocolate & Pistachio Fudge)

Pistchoccio fudge is one of my family’s favourite sweet treats. It is homemade chocolate fudge flecked with pieces of toasted crushed pistachio. The chocolate fudge is rich and smooth and the toasted pistachios add a slight crunch. It’s so more-ish and it’s really easy to make. Pistchoccio Fudge Recipe Makes: one tray of fudge (around … Continue reading Pistchoccio Fudge (Chocolate & Pistachio Fudge)

Crispy Garlic Prawns

This is a super simple recipe for Chinese style prawns in a sweet and tangy garlic sauce. It can be made in minutes – the prawns are first fried up in a light batter before being coated the garlic sauce. I normally make this with the intention of being main dish for dinner, but the … Continue reading Crispy Garlic Prawns

Arroz Caldo

Arroz Caldo is a Filipino chicken and rice soup or rice porridge. In this dish the chicken is cooked with a sauteed onion, garlic and ginger base before adding in rice, fish sauce and chicken stock. When served the soup is garnished with a boiled egg, spring onion and crunchy toasted garlic. Additional fish sauce … Continue reading Arroz Caldo

Saltfish Fritters

Saltfish fritters are a popular snack across the Caribbean, but growing up in the UK I’ve been more accustomed to having them at West Indian parties. They consist of dried salted white fish (usually cod) mixed up in a batter with onion and spices. They are normally shallow fried until brown and crispy on the … Continue reading Saltfish Fritters


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